We are on a mission to make a difference to women everywhere.
Our starting place is our local community, but for us, that is only the beginning.
The Kninja Foundation will provide a safe haven for women and at risk female youths who are struggling with domestic violence or homelessness.
A place to turn to for Safety, Comfort, Support, Mentorship and Resources.
Empowering girls and women to take back control of their path.
It will not be easy.  But together, we know we can make a difference.
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​​​​​​​Read all about the Journey of Juliet Aurora and Steve Loates in building their business to a Firm of the Future.  Best of all, ALL proceeds from the book go to the Kninja Foundation as seed money to get it started.  You can purchase the book on Amazon either as a paperback or Kindle edition.  Thanks for your support!
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