A Rendering of our Vision

COMING in 2022


Knina House started out in my brain as being a women’s shelter for women experiencing domestic violence.
I’m now often asked the question as to whether I was a victim of domestic violence which is why this has become my purpose in life.  So I’ll address the elephant in the room and answer that question for you. No, I wasn’t.

But my ex-husband was a bully. He was a smooth talker, and a big guy at 6’4” compared to my perfect height of 5'2" :-)  I never saw the bully in him until our marriage started to fall apart and I saw what it “could be like”.  I saw the intimidation and fear tactics and the desire for power emerge.  I strongly believe in my heart that if I didn’t have any of the advantages that I had, the upbringing that shaped my life, the support system in my life, and the ability to stand on my own two feet financially, that I would have swallowed it all, hidden it and remained in that toxic relationship.  

So that was my initial reason to start Knina House.  To provide the strength to women and a soft place to land if they didn’t have the advantages, support system and resources that I did.  I know how fortunate I am that I was able to leave that situation before it escalated.  Not everyone has that ability.  But, this vision of Knina House has since morphed into something even bigger.

My daughter is now 21 years old.  As I watched some of her friends, fellow students and the girls in her generation struggle in their homes and in school and in relationships, I could so clearly see that they would be headed into destructive relationships. I saw it as clear as day and felt that I could see what their future is going to look like based upon the path that they are on now. And so I thought to myself - What if I could stop the pattern earlier, rather than after a woman has already experienced the violence?  That was my thought. And that’s why the scope expanded to include education and support for at-risk female youth.  

And then one more morph of the vision.  My daughter is also an animal advocate.  She is likely going to end up being some kind of animal activist saving every single animal in distress in the world.  For many years, as the vision of Knina House was discussed in my house, she would dig up articles on the benefits of animals to people experiencing trauma.  Discussions around the dinner table would have subtle hints about the healing powers of animals.  (Actually, not so subtle). And so the third facet of Knina House was born.  Bringing rescue dogs into Knina House.  As some of you may know, we are a Boxer family, as well as being past foster parents through Boxer Rescue Ontario, which is also where our current furbaby, Godfrey, is from.  One of the struggles for so many rescues, including Boxer Rescue is to find homes for the older dogs. So we’ve decided to take all of the Senior Boxers that are so hard to place in Foster and adoptive homes, and bring them all together under our roof.  

So that’s the vision.
It's big and scary.  But it's also become my driving purpose in everything that I want to do personally and professionally.  So I sincerely hope that you will help us to make it a reality and will follow along in our journey.  

Juliet Aurora